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Sun Catcher Eclipse Glasses

Sun Catcher Eclipse Glasses
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Sun catcher eclipse glasses are best to wear while going out in summer. When thinking of sunglasses most people envision bright sunny days on the beach sipping a cool beverage without a care in the world. Rarely, if ever, can we image grey, dreary, and downright temperature reduction winter days. You may think because of this you don’t have to worry about most days in the winter. However, UV rays don’t take the winter off, and your eyes are still at risk without a quality pair of sunglasses.

Winter provides us with unique lighting conditions not experienced in the summer. This includes bright sunlight on clear days paired with stark white snow to create intense glare from both the sky and ground.

To combat this, it’s important to always wear your sunglasses during winter days to not only control glare and brightness but also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Yes, UV rays are still very much present during the winter. buy Glasses for Sun Catcher Eclipse

This is why we have compiled this list of our favorite winter sunglasses that provide both form and function and sun catcher eclipse glasses will help you to protect your eyes from sunlight. The proper frame fit is ignored all too often when most people shop for new eyewear. A well-fitting frame can make all the difference in the world and can really polish your look if done correctly.

Aside from how a specific frame shape fits on your face (I’ll get to that below), there are 4 specific measurements you need to be aware of. Knowing this can help you hone in on an appropriate size range for your face, making the selection process that much easier.

The image above displays how nearly all frame measurements are displayed on eyewear frames. Those often ignored numbers on the inside of the temple turned out to be quite important.

We are going to mention one of the best sun catcher eclipse glasses and you can buy from here.

1. Maui Jim World Cup


Maui Jim is the best sun catcher eclipse glasses our list. Though those glass lenses are great to look through, they come at a heavy cost – 53 grams to be exact! That’s about double the weight of most of the competition with polycarbonate lenses and lightweight frames. However, the wrap-around style of these specs help to hold their weight close to your face while balancing it well, so you hardly notice the added grams.

This same wrap-around fit brings them pretty close to your face and can feel a bit tight above and behind the ears. If you don’t like your shades to touch anywhere other than nose pads and ears, these might not be the right choice for you. But if you’re down with that, the secure fit of these glasses is actually reasonably comfortable. buy Glasses for Sun Catcher Eclipse

Frame Quality:

The World Cup’s beefy frames help round out their overall burly appearance. A rubberized matte finish helps cut down on scratches to the frame, though it does hold onto fuzziest a bit more than slick frames.

Made of high-grade injected nylon, each piece fits together seamlessly, and Maui Jim offers a 2-year manufacturer warranty. The only thing about these frames that we worry about is the comparatively skinny spring hinges. Even after tightening them repeatedly, they let the very wide bows wobble quite a bit – not the best sign for years of use to come.

Style and Versatility:

Our crowd has mixed feelings about these sporty duds. If “sporty” is the look you’re after, the World Cups may just be your bag. Others were bothered by the lack of peripheral vision, the weight of the shades, and how it “makes me look like a cop”. Unlike some of the other, more versatile sunniest we tested, these don’t work for everyone. buy Glasses for Sun Catcher Eclipse buy Glasses for Sun Catcher Eclipse


This is another place where World Cups do well. A base curve of 8 gives them a pretty wrap-around, face-hugging fit. Wide bows help block out glare from the side, and their close fit prevents most top light from entering.

For a long day on the water, these are a great, protective choice. For everyday activities like driving or bike commuting, they cut out a bit too much of your peripheral vision to be ideal. The sun catcher eclipse glasses are best for the coverage.

  • Great clarity
  • Excellent on-water coverage
  • Doesn’t distort colors
  • Wrap-around security
  • Heavy
  • Wobbly hinges

2. Native Eyewear Highline


The flexible frames, well-positioned padding, and exceptionally low weight make the Highline’s pretty comfortable sunglasses to the sport. Tipping the tiny scales at just 28 grams, the Highline’s are light and well-balanced, without the pressure points of the other glasses. Their arms are a medium length and more straight than curved behind the ear, giving them a feel-good vibe.

Sun catcher eclipse glasses are so lightweight, some of our testers found it easy to forget they were wearing them! This, combined with good balance, also help them to stay on top of your head when you need them out of the way.

The biggest obstacle to the Highline’s comfort is their size. They are a fairly small pair of glasses with a slightly narrow space for your nose. They also have standard barrel hinges and aren’t made to overextend to fit faces wider than the glasses themselves.

Testers with small faces loved the feel of the Highline’s, but those with wider faces had a harder time with them. A few testers noted that the Highline’s ride against their eyebrows when pushed all the way up, which may or may not bother you. At the end of the day, we found these glasses to be comfortable and easy to wear happily all day long.

Frame Quality:

Made of thermoplastic, the Highline frames are lightweight and flexible, tipping the scales at a measly 28 grams. The extra flex in the frames helps make up for the lack of flexible hinges. This is helpful when you accidentally open them with a little too much exuberance or when you run into your sailboat’s boom while you’re not paying attention.

The Natives easily withstood all the dropping, cramming, and playing we did over months of hard use with no problem. Native also boasts a warranty policy against manufacturing defects that’s free for the first year and just $30 for the rest of the life of your shades. They also offer $30 repairs for the lifetime of your sunglasses, which is one of the best manufacturer repair deals we came across. buy Glasses for Sun Catcher Eclipse

  • Excellent eye protection
  • Lightweight
  • All-day comfort
  • Good warranty/repair policy
  • Durable frame
  • Inexpensive
  • Small size
  • May hit eyebrows

3. Oakley Holbrook Polarized


The Oakley Holbrooks sun catcher eclipse glasses weigh just 25 grams, making them some of the lightest sunglasses we tested. They’re exceptionally well-balanced from front to back, which helps prevent them from sliding down your nose easily. They fit quite snugly, even on smaller faces, and feel very secure. However, they lack padding anywhere on their frames, and their standard barrel hinges don’t overextend to fit wider faces.

This combination of rigidity and tightness caused a number of our testers to report pressure points behind their ears when wearing the Holbrooks for extended periods. Some of us also noticed that if we pushed the Holbrooks all the way up our nose, the inward angle of the arms forced the frame up, and the glasses jumped right off our nose. Overall, we aren’t stoked about the Holbrook’s comfort, but their balance and lightweight are much appreciated. Buy Glasses for Sun Catcher Eclipse

Frame Quality:

The plastic frames of the Holbrooks don’t seem like anything fancy. They’re lightweight, which we love, and flex a bit, but they don’t feel like they’re meant to flex too much. Their hinges are standard barrel style and are fairly tight, letting you snap the arms open.

The exceptionally low weight of these sunglasses makes you wonder about their durability. That said, we didn’t find any actual flaws with the Holbrook frames, despite putting them through the wringer on beaches, up mountains, and through woods. It’s worth noting that Oakley also offers a two-year warranty on manufacturer defects, and will fix your shades for the cost of the repair.


The Oakley Holbrooks got a meh style rating across the board. While none of our testers despised them, no one loved them either. They were frequently described as boring, fine, and uninspiring by both men and women with all manner of face shapes and sizes.

  • Face-hugging fit
  • Lightweight
  • Durable lenses
  • Less expensive
  • Only floppy case included

4. Native Eyewear Sanitas


Weighing just 26 grams, the Sanitas is one of the lightest glasses we tested. They’re also very well balanced and have helpful Cushinol nose pads to hold them in place. These nose pads to bubble out a bit from where they’re embedded in the frames.

This helps them to be more grippy than completely flush pads on other models, but may also be annoying if you don’t like the feel of separate nose pads. The bows have a patch of slightly rubberized material near the backs as well, to help hold them on your face. These pads are less sticky than the nose pads though, which keeps them comfortable for sliding on top of your head through the sides of your ponytail.

Spring hinges and a flexible frame are clutches for the Sanitas, as their more narrow size can be a bit small for even average-width faces. In general, folks with narrower faces tend to find these more comfortable for all-day wear.

Frame Quality:

The Sanitas frames are what Native Eyewear calls co-injected Rhyno-Tuff Air Frames and are made of bio-based castor-oil nylon. It also features trilaminate construction, laying down the three layers of color you see in these frames so they’re welded together and function as a single cohesive unit.

Though they seem to run small, their construction and choice of materials are solid, offering just the right amount of flex. Native also backs their products with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Style and Versatility:

Another moment where sizing comes into play. As these glasses are smaller than we expected, many testers who thought a size “medium” would fit their faces, found themselves not big fans of the look of these glasses. Though narrower faced folks tend to like these duds a bit more, they do have a rather unique look. Slightly arched top and asymmetrical bottoms make them slightly different than your classic Wayfarer look. Add in the fairly pronounced keyhole bridge and bold horizontal stripes, and now we have a rather distinct look, that some love and some don’t much care for.

  • Lightweight
  • Good eye protection
  • Good in a variety of light conditions
  • Run small

5. Smith Haywire


Weighing 27 grams, the Haywires are a pretty lightweight pair of specs. They have an excellent balance on your face, making them a breeze to wear. Auto-lock hinges snap out into place and the frames offer a little bit of flexibility to accommodate wider faces, but not enough for many of our testers, becoming a bit too tight to wear for long periods of time.

They rest a bit more classically on your face, with just the nose pads and arms touching. The semi-embedded hydrophilic Megol nose pads do an excellent job keeping them in the right place on your face, but their intense stickiness is a bit too much for some of our users.

Frame Quality:

Made of a castor-based, eco-friendly nylon polymer, the Haywires have what they call a “semi-rim”. A section of the bottom and outside edge of each lens is framed by a much thinner section with a metallic appearance. Megol nose pads aren’t quite embedded, but more attached to the rest of the frame not quite seamlessly.

Not only does their stickiness attract fuzziest from the multiverse, but their edges are already showing signs of significant wear after just a couple of months. Nothing actually broke or cracked or even scratched during our testing, but we have some reservations about how well these will hold up to years of daily wear.

Style and Versatility:

Sporting a modern take on the classic Wayfarer style shades, the Smiths are reasonably fashionable. However, they do run a bit smaller than we expected a size “medium” to be, and many of our testers feel they’re too small to look good on their faces. However, for those who like the smaller look (or those who have thinner faces where the Haywires don’t appear so small), they appreciate the more stylish appearance of these glasses. With the mat frames, strongly mirrored lenses and a slight keyhole bridge, they’re a hit for some!

  • Good contrast
  • Very lightweight
  • Well-balanced
  • Stay put well
  • Good clarity
  • Lacking coverage

What To See While Buying?

Frame Construction:

While lenses are arguably the most important part of any pair of sunglasses, they also aren’t worth much without a good frame to keep them on your face and protecting your eyes. Frames are made from a seemingly endless number of materials from metals to plastics to organics. Each has its appeals and drawbacks.


Metal frames tend to be heavier than plastic frames but offer a look that many plastics can’t convincingly simulate. They can be made of a wide variety of metals, like titanium and beryllium, that are corrosion-resistant.

Buy your best sun catcher eclipse glasses. Many metals are hypo-allergenic and omit specific compounds like nickel. Some sunglass frames are even made of silver, sterling silver, or gold — though they tend to cost more than their common-metal counterparts.


Plastic frames tend to be more durable than other materials and can be formed or synthesized into a shocking amount of colors, shapes, and styles. Zylonite, also known as Zyl or cellulose acetate, is a synthetic, lightweight and cost-effective plastic made of renewable materials. It is used in many sunglasses frames.

This material sun catcher eclipse glasses are popular particularly among casual or fashion sunglass (and even eyeglass) manufacturers as it can be made in a dazzling array of colors and boasts a high gloss that appeals to many of us. Buy your best sun catcher eclipse glasses.

Nylon is an inexpensive, lightweight and durable plastic that is also commonly used to make sunglass frames. There are many blends and variations of nylon, some of which are incredibly impact-resistant, flexible, and strong, making them an excellent choice for high-velocity sports glasses.

Castor-based frames are also becoming more common for sun catcher eclipse glasses on the market. Derived from castor oil (yes, from castor beans), this plastic is light, durable, and appeals to the eco-conscious consumer as a non-petroleum based plastic. Buy your best sun catcher eclipse glasses.

Other Materials:

Sunglass frames can be made of just about anything it seems. While metal and plastic are the two most common materials, you can also find sunglasses made of organic materials like wood, bone, or horn.

Buy your best sun catcher eclipse glasses. They can also be made of stone or even semi-precious gems. These types of frames tend to offer more for fashion than they do for utility and durability.


It’s also important to consider the hinge construction on your new sunglasses. Namely, if they are rigid or offer a flex fit. Flexible hinges allow the hinge to overextend, which may give a more comfortable fit for a wider face or over a long period.

Buy your best sun catcher eclipse glasses to make your standard at a high level. Flex fit hinges also tend to be more durable and are more able to withstand impacts. If you don’t intend to wear your glasses during sports or moderate recreation, you may find that rigid hinges suit you just fine.

Sunglasses Fit:

No pair of sunglasses is worth it if they don’t offer you the comfort and coverage you need. Because we all have a unique head and face shape and size and specific desires, this largely depends on you.

Being able to go into a store to try on sunglasses is ideal, but if you’re shopping online (as so many of us do these days), take note of the return policy of your new glasses just in case. Buy your best sun catcher eclipse glasses.

Trying your new glasses fresh out of the box, you can shake your head vigorously from side to side, or use a head-banging motion to see how much they move on your head. Too much motion is indicative of a poor fit. Just like buying clothes or shoes online, most sunglass websites provide measurements for each pair.

Buy your best sun catcher eclipse glasses. You can compare these to a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses that you already own to judge if they will be a good fit for your face. Some sunglasses also come in different sizes, so be sure to find the right one for you.


The coverage you want from your sunglasses will likely change based on what type of activity you plan on doing in them. However, there are some basic considerations that you can take into account when shopping for and trying on any pair of sunglasses.

You’ll want to judge the overall size, shape, and curvature of the glasses and their effectiveness at keeping out dust and debris and preventing the sun from entering the side of the glasses. Buy your best sun catcher eclipse glasses.

This can be especially important if you’re planning to tackle high wind or dust activities, like cycling or visiting a desert. Considering the sunlight that will be entering from around the sides of your glasses is crucial for high-elevation expeditions and even in environments with lots of glare such as snow or open water.


Comfort is a highly subjective topic. That said, there are a few guidelines that can help you when appraising the comfort of a pair of shades. For example, it’s important to consider the weight and balance of your new sunglasses.

Heavy or front-loaded glasses may slide down your nose easily or cause undue strain on your ears. Additionally, you don’t want the sunglasses to touch your eyelashes and maybe not want them to touch your eyebrows.

Make sure that your glasses are snug without being tight, particularly where they hug you around your ears. Some frames can be adjusted easily by an optometrist or eyeglass technician to make minor adjustments.

Buy your best sun catcher eclipse glasses. Not all frames are adjustable though, and professionals use specific techniques to make adjustments that you shouldn’t try at home, lest you damage or break you’re new sunniest.

Style and Versatility:

The amount of stock you put into what you look like in your sunglasses is is completely up to you. You may find that it’s important that your pair of everyday shades is more fashionable than the sporty sunglasses you wear to your tennis match or on your mountaineering expedition. Or you may not care at all. But most people do.

There are a million resources to search for the right sunglass shape for your face online. We like Sun Hut’s interactive face shape tool. And most online sources say that aviators look good on just about anyone, so there’s that.


Most high-quality sunglasses, whether for fashion or sports performance, come with a protective storage case or bag. Often this is in the form of a soft microfiber cleaning/storage bag, a rigid or semi-rigid case, or possibly both.

Buy your best sun catcher eclipse glasses. Casual, lifestyle and performance sunglasses are most likely to come with either flex or clamshell-style rigid or semi-rigid case and cleaning cloth or cleaning bag.

Performance models that come with interchangeable lenses typically feature a case with a foam liner that has cutouts to accommodate the glasses and the additional lenses. A case of any kind is a bonus with a pair of sunglasses that will help you keep your investment protected when not in use.

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