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Northern Designs Foldable Camp Kitchen

Northern Designs Foldable Camp Kitchen
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Northern designs foldable camp kitchens camping outside. Whether with a tent, motorhome or caravan on the road: every camping trip includes the most important kitchen utensils, in order to be able to enjoy the journey.

Depending on the orientation (simple to more comfortable), price level and personal preferences, the perfect camping kitchen can have a variety of different characteristics. If you have to carry your camping kitchen on your back, you should pay particular attention to minimalism and light utensils.

Each basic equipment includes a pot or a frying pan (cooking and frying possible) made of lightweight aluminum or titanium, deep plates (versatile use), cutlery, thermal mug for hot drinks, as well as a well-functioning pocket knife, that in the best case can open cans and bottles. This is the best camping kitchen.

In addition, the camping stove, a cutting board, a spatula and a lighter facilitate cooking outdoor. Moreover, a handle for cans can be useful for heating directly on the camp stove. A useful hint for the purchase: Make sure you buy sturdy dishes that can be kept over an open fireplace if necessary.

Camping With Group?

Northern camping kitchen is best If you are traveling by caravan, motorhome or bus, the basic equipment can be significantly more extensive. A coffee maker, kettle or cool boxes – many camping travelers have their personal preferences and desires.

Moreover, you should not forget about storage boxes for leftovers or trash bags. And again it is important to use light and unbreakable boxes (for example, melanin) so that the vehicle does not take too much weight. Also, the foldable camp kitchen is best.

Glasses and cups are often made of hard plastic because it is lighter than porcelain or glass. And if you want to bake during your camping holidays: There are already camping ovens made of silicone existing, which are ideal for baking a cake or two.

The camping stove has become indispensable for a successful meal. Probably the simplest and most adventurous variant is the solids cooker. A small, foldable and galvanized steel emergency cooker that is suitable for heating small quantities and is often used in trekking areas.

 However, the burning power is low and the fuel pellets are useless when once get wet. Another option is the gas cooker, usually consisting of a gas cylinder and a framework. A distinction can be made between high-powered gas cookers and low-consumption gas cookers and should be properly selected depending on the usage.

 For example, a high-performance gas cooker (3,000 watts) can boil one liter of water in about two minutes. Important note: When buying a gas cooker you should keep the wind protection in mind, since the gas consumption may vary depending on wind and weather.

Moreover, a spirit stove can be used. The foldable camp cooking table is very useful.

The spirit stove is perfect for beginners as well as for professionals. Being on a camping holiday with a camper van or a caravan can be a little bit more comfortable. Larger variants in case shape with up to four flames are ideal for a fancy hot meal.

But do not forget that more flames need more gas. It is important that you thoroughly check your camp stove before starting your journey so that you do not experience any unpleasant surprises during the trip. In addition, for many nature lovers barbecuing is part of the perfect vacation.


There is nothing quite like being able to prepare yourself a nice hot meal after a long day on the trail; camping stoves give you the ability to do this while still being compact, light, and retaining a low environmental impact.

The only potential downside is that in extreme cold, the pressure inside the canisters decreases, and gas-powered stoves can become difficult to use.

Liquid fuel stoves solve this problem, so if you plan to go mountaineering in extreme conditions, these are the stoves for you. While they work better in the cold, liquid stoves can be finicky to adjust, but they excel at cooking quickly.


If you will eat re-hydrated meals directly from the package, all you need is a long-handled spoon! The rest of us, however, will choose either a system stove with a mating pot or a 1.5- to 2-liter cook pot with a fitted lid to keep fuel usage to a minimum. Northern Designs Foldable Camp Kitchen

1-liter and smaller pots are great for solo trips, but if you like to share, 2-liter pots are the most common.

Whatever cook pots you select, when you pack for your backpacking trip, use the space in the pot to your advantage- store rice, beans, fuel, or socks inside.

Water Bottles & Reservoirs:

Simply, you need to drink water out of something. Bottles provide the benefit of being easy to use, but more importantly, some have the ability to keep your water cool on a hot day, or maybe some tea warm on a cool day, for long periods of time.

While they vary in size, we strongly recommend getting an insulated bottle to keep your beverage at the desired temperature for as long as possible. How much water you plan to carry around will depend on how long it will be between stops.

For shorter trips, use either a few bottles or a small hydration reservoir in your pack. Hydration reservoirs allow you to drink on the go without having to dig out your bottle. Northern Designs Foldable Camp Kitchen

Water Treatment:

When it comes to drinking water, not all sources are created equal. If you may need to refill your water supply out on the trail, bring something to treat the water for your own safety. Northern Designs Foldable Camp Kitchen

Microbes, bacteria, even viruses, and chemicals can be found in some natural water sources, so you will need to neutralize them before you drink water from these sources. Wild water can be made drinkable in a variety of ways, from tablets or solutions that dissolve, to devices that use UV light, to pumps that filter, to boiling.

We recommend doing some research on the safety of the water in the area you will be visiting, as your treatment solution depends on the level of sterilization that is required. As a general rule of thumb, in lightly-traveled wilderness areas of the US, you can use a micro-filter to treat the water. In more heavily traveled areas, purifying the water is a safer bet.


Another part is dish-washing after eating, which can become an adventure in nature. Most campsites have possibilities to wash dishes. It is generally advisable to include a large bowl, biodegradable detergent, dishcloth, tea towel and trash bags in your basic equipment.

Now and then only one water connection is available, which can make the whole process a lot more difficult. In addition, keeping things tidy or mobile is not that easy. Storage boxes or clotheslines with clothespins can help to store food leftovers, open packages and wet cloths.

Food and Storage:

In terms of food, camping does not mean just instant soups and canned ravioli. A small selection of food can be found here: Oil for roasting and salads, as well as spices, should not be missed. Handy hint: a 6-spice spreader (include salt, pepper white, black pepper, paprika sweet, curry and garlic granules) is space-saving and very useful for tasty meals. Northern Designs Foldable Camp Kitchen

In addition, dry foods such as pasta, rice, quinoa or couscous are ideal for storage during a camping trip. Fresh vegetables can be found in local markets in the holiday region. Fruits such as apples, bananas or pears remain fresh for a few days even if not chilled. Moreover, you’ll find a lot of very tasty recipes online.

If you do not have a refrigerator: freeze plastic water bottles – these can be conveniently used as a cold pack and later used as drinking water. However, most campsites in Germany have the possibility to cool food and drinks. If you are traveling with a caravan or motorhome, refrigerators are part of the basic equipment. Northern Designs Foldable Camp Kitchen

1.Alpine Mountain Gear Roll Top Camp Kitchen Setup

Alpine Mountain Gear Roll Top Camp Kitchen Setup is the wonderful Northern camping kitchen product. The Alpine Mountain Gear roll-top kitchen takes less than a minute to set up and break down and weighs just a little over 10 pounds. Perfect for your two-burner camping stove and pots, pans and utensils. The sturdy aluminum frame is resistant to rust and is lighter than similar steel camping tables. It also folds up and stores away easily in a bag with a carrying handle. Reviewer’s love that this camping table is lightweight and sturdy, but don’t love that the table is made of particleboard.

The organization is a cinch with this cleverly designed and well-constructed camp kitchen, which includes a variety of surfaces and compartments. Take advantage of two aluminum roll-top stations and two foldaway side tables. The kitchen’s versatility is further expanded by its detachable storage compartment, which includes two shelves. Northern Designs Foldable Camp Kitchen

 The frame is quick to set up and tear down and a bag is included to ensure easy transport. If you’re on the hunt for a more affordable option, you should check out the basic Roll Top Kitchen from Mountain Summit. This model is identical in form to the Deluxe but has one less side table and no nylon side compartment. For a smaller, simpler kitchen this is a great choice.

The Alpine Mountain gear table is an aluminum fold-up top, which means it’s lightweight and collapsible. Its X-Frame design allows for chairs to be pulled upright under the table. Available in different sizes, you can choose from a Dining Square, Dining Regular, or Dining XL.

It folds up like an accordion, two slats at a time and comes with a convenient shoulder bag to carry it around. Easy to set-up, this table is great for activities, meals, or prep space. Northern Designs Foldable Camp Kitchen

The Alpine Mountain Gear features a minimal, but strong design. This camp kitchen setup has two aluminum roll-top tables and a fold-out table to provide even more space. It features an easy setup and can be constructed in less than one minute. The entire set up folds down and can be placed in a bag for easy transportation.

  • • Seats 4 – 5 people
  • • Lightweight
  • • Portable
  • • Relatively steady
  • • Unpainted aluminum silver
  • • Extra brace to steady the legs

2.Grub Hub Camping Kitchen

One of the joys I have while camping with my family is our time at base camp. Sitting around a campfire, enjoying each other’s company, and dining on a hearty meal is all part of our camp experience. Of course, how you eat at base camp can be as simplistic or extravagant as you decide.

For us, we prefer a meal that’s relatively easy to fix and tastes good. However, this can sometimes get complicated when your camp kitchen has to be segmented in various ways in order to get it all loaded into your vehicle. This is wherever the Grub Hub Camp comes in. Northern Designs Foldable Camp Kitchen


The Grub Hub Camp could be an absolutely encompassed room-sized regarding a similar as an oversized grip once closed. The frame of metal with the storage portion of the system built from heavy ripstop material and outsized zippers.

The meal preparation and side tables are made from lightweight, heat-resistant plastic designed to be virtually unbreakable and easy to clean.


The beauty of this product is its portability and being able to store everything you’ll need to prepare any meal while at base camp. When absolutely enlarged, the Grub Hub features an adequately-sized meal preparation table with two side tables, one of which has an opening to place the included collapsible washbasin inside for cleaning your dishes, utensils, pots, pans, and anything else.

Additionally, there is an included storage pouch sized to house a roll of paper towels, as well as a pair of extendable poles which double as a lantern holder, garbage bag holder, or anything else you’d like to have up and out of the way while preparing your meal. Northern Designs Foldable Camp Kitchen


Storing your camp change of state accessories is straightforward with 2 main zipper pouches within the storage portion of the Grub Hub. The front pouch is used to store a dual-burner stove with the main storage compartment utilizing an adjustable shelving system that can be easily moved, according to space needs, with the integrated Velcro placeholders.

 For reference, I stored a GSI Outdoors Pinnacle 10” fry pan, GSI Outdoors Infinity 4-Person Deluxe Table Set, a pair of GSI Outdoors Nesting Red Wine Glasses, and GSI Outdoors Destination room Set twenty-four with lots of space to spare.

There’s also an included organizer bag that easily mounts between the two extendable poles, referenced earlier, to place any cooking prep items such as spices, etc. Sounds pretty good, eh? It is…with only one real “complaint”.

The design was built quite showing intelligence though I found it troublesome to load/unload the Grub Hub once fully-loaded because of the 2 wheels on the bottom of the Grub Hub solely go forward/backward which is a bit restrictive.

  • • Endless storage
  • • Wheeled
  • • Extra space
  • • Portability
  • • Plastic tops

3.Cold creek Outfitters Ultimate Outdoor Camping Kitchen

When you’re camping or hunting, you don’t have to rough it. Even if you have tents and sleeping bags, it’s important to have a nice workstation for cleaning your fish or game. This workstation provides a surface for preparing a game and for washing your tools and dishes.

The table is made with high-density polyethylene that is long-lasting and extremely durable. Although it’s lightweight, you won’t have to worry about this table-flipping over in the wind. With 2 sinks, you have enough space for all your washing needs. One sink is 1.5″ deep while the other is 4.5″ deep.

Each sink has its own removable drain. There is also a refuse hole for garbage and insert covers to create a flat work surface for cutting or filleting. And the removable faucet makes it easy to wash pots and pans. Leave the faucet in place, adjust it to fill either sink or just take it out.

The entire setup is portable and foldable, so it can fit in your car or RV without taking up too much space. This table lets you take the kitchen sink with you when you head out into the woods for camping or hunting.

We created this table to rest at 33 inches in height, which offers the best ergonomic position for most users-men and women alike. Prepare your dinner, get ready for a BBQ, wash your hands, wash your hair, clean off your game, and do your laundry all in the same space.

You will feel like you are camping in luxury instead of going without. Buy this camping gear and get the table you always dreamed of.


Depending on what you cook and how you cook, you may not need a full camping kitchen. If you just want a table to prepare the food and a sink to wash your vegetables, tools or dishes, Coldcreek Outfitters Ultimate Outdoor Camping Kitchen is a good choice. It is made of high-density polyethylene that is extremely durable.

With 2 sinks, you have plenty of space to meet all your washing needs. One sink is 1.5 inches deep, while the other is 4.5 inches deep. Each sink has its own removable drain. There is also a garbage hole for garbage and insert covers to create a flat working surface for cutting or slicing. The table is 33 inches high, providing the most ergonomic position for most users, both men, and women.

It is a portable and foldable camp kitchen, so you can fit it into your car without taking up too much space. You can move around it anywhere because the polyethylene material is lightweight. Setting up and taking down the kitchen is also easy, so bring it with your other family camping gear to your favorite activities and enjoy your mealtime.

  • • Two sinks
  • • Lightweight
  • • Stain resistant
  • • Garbage hole
  • • Durable material
  • • No storage

4.Camco 51097 Deluxe Camping Kitchen

The camping kitchen that has caught our eye is the Camco 51097 Deluxe Camping Kitchen Table due to the several storage spaces that allow you to maximize all the compartments for easier access to your items.


First of all, there is a 32 x 17.5-inch stainless steel top that allows for easier grilling. You would not need to ignite a fire on the camping grounds as you would have a specified place to do all that when you use this camping kitchen table.

When you need to slice up some onions and garlic and tomatoes for your recipe, there is a 15.25 x 17.25-inch aluminum composite side table that you can also use for several other purposes such as using it as an alternative dining area.

Finally, there is also a washtub that has a dimension of 12 x 14 x 6 inches and a capacity to hold 4.3 gallons of water for all your washing and hygiene needs. The overall measure of the Camco 51097 Deluxe inhabitancy table is at sixty-four.75 inches in width and 34 inches in height. This measurement does not take into account the windscreen or telescoping lantern holder.


For the safety of your dish, there is also zippered storage with added shelves and mesh vents for better organization and visibility of your items. The mesh vent and windscreen also allow for better airflow. For higher stability after you area unit within the outdoors, the height is adjustable from 30 inches to 41 inches. You can even fold up this inhabitancy room flat for higher movability and storage.

  • • Sink sack
  • • Windshield
  • • Zippered storage
  • • Adjustable feet
  • • Expensive

5.Coleman Pack-Away Deluxe Kitchen

Coleman has been a trusty name for many years and it’s no surprise why they need additionally created an encampment room line that is that the Coleman Pack-Away Deluxe room that allows for easier food preparation when you are in the outdoors.

If you want to complete the entire experience, you can even bring your Coleman stove with you as the side table is meant to accommodate your unit to ensure convenience is cooking. This model comes with a paper towel holder, condiment racks, removable sink basin, pantry shelf, and a lantern hook.

The lamp hook is other for your convenience throughout nighttime cookery sessions. There is also a plastic guard in each corner to ensure that the corners are protected well. Each part of this kitchen set is meant to mimic the setup of your home kitchen, but with an added sense of portability and convenience.

In terms of materials, the Coleman Pack-Away Deluxe Kitchen is made of the heavy-duty, rust-resistant aluminum steel frame for better durability and strength. It measures 40.95 x 7.48 x 21.66 inches and it weighs 31.53 pounds.

Since you want a camping kitchen that is compact, this model is meant to be folded and closed using a hook to ensure that it can be stored safely and securely when it is not assembled. There is also a handle that enables one-handed handling of the unit. For added security, there is also a 1-year limited warranty attached to your purchase of this model.

  • • Light in weight
  • • Compact
  • • Storage capacity
  • • Steel stove on top
  • • No sink area

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