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4 Room Tent with Screened Porch

4 Room Tent with Screened Porch
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When you are going out camping then you have to buy 4 room tent with screened porch. If you have a big family and all are crazy about hiking and camping then this is best for you. We will discuss some 4 room tent with screened porch.

Camping tents come in all kinds of different colors, sizes, and materials. We know you want to get the best deal for your money, and this buying guide will make your future purchasing decision an easier one. Family camping tents have come a long way in recent years, with all kinds of new innovations and features. Here are some quality things to look for in a camping tent.

A car camping tent can be a serious investment, with prices ranging from the high $200s to over $800. That’s quite a range for a category of tents with highly-varied features and applications. It can be daunting to wade through the details, weigh the pros and cons, and figure out just what is worth the money and more importantly, what features will make or break your camping adventure.

Our goal is to help streamline that process and make 4 room tent with screened porch that assembled five categories that we believe to be the most important in assessing the overall quality of a camping tent: Comfort, Weather Resistance, Ease of Setup, Workmanship, and Packed Size. You will see an explanation of each category in each tent review.

Choosing between a single and double wall tent is a critical decision. Overall, double-wall tents work better in a wider range of conditions because they put two layers of fabric between you and elements. This creates a more comfortable space. The inner 4 room tent with screened porch provides condensation-limiting breathability while the outer tent supplies the weather protection.

The inner tent is water repellant and breathable; it lets vapor pass through but prevents condensed water from falling on you. Double-wall tents are also stronger, more durable and warmer. When the fly wears out you can replace it, so with proper care, a double-wall tent can last for many years. At some point, your desired adventure crosses a threshold where saving weight is more important than comfort, space, and durability. This is where single-wall tents excel. One wall weighs less than two and is faster and easier to set up. Single wall 4 room tent with screened porch usually have smaller footprints that allow them to be pitched in tight spaces or small ledges.

Easy Assembly and Collapse:

Being able to quickly set up a tent is something that you weren’t able to do with tents of the past. Tents made years ago required all kinds of maneuvering and setup to get the darn things to stand up. And even then they were prone to falling over. These days, things are totally different. Tents will go up easy and without error. Look for tents that are easy to set up and collapse as well.

Weatherproof Design:

A tent that’s really worth the money will be weatherproof as well. Wind and rain are no match for a weatherproof tent. They withstand high wind conditions and rainy weather, while you stay snug as a bug in a rug inside the 4 room tent with screened porch. The thread, zippers, and webbing should all be weatherproof to keep you as dry and comfortable as possible when the rain and wind start to pick up.

Long-Lasting Material:

The tent you choose should also be able to last for many years. That’s what makes tents such a great deal, they last for so long! Tents made within the past five years are generally more durable and longer-lasting than tents of the past.

Scour the amazon reviews and see if you can find any information on how long people have owned the tent you’re considering. You may be pleasantly surprised and elated to know that the tent is going to last.

Family Size Capacity:

The tent you’re considering should be able to hold around 8 people comfortably. It should also be at least 14X10′ in size to accommodate them. Even if you don’t plan on going camping with 8 people, the extra room will be a luxurious experience with everyone able to sprawl out exactly the way they want. With a full 4 room tent with screened porch, a family-size tent can offer you a snug yet comfortable sleeping experience.


A great family sleeping tent comes with windows too! That means you’ll be able to enjoy the picturesque landscape while staying comfortable and dry inside the tent. Being able to see outside can also alert you to possible dangers like wildlife or fires. It’s best to have windows with the family tent you’re considering.


The warranty, the Amazon review score, and the manufacturer of your family camping tent is important as well. Some great manufacturers of tents these days are Coleman, ROKK, Wenzel, and Swiss Gear. A review score of at least 4 stars pretty much ensures that the product you’re looking at is worth the price. Finally, the tent should definitely come with a warranty period so you can return the item if it’s defective.

Pole Design:

Along with the number of walls a tent is built with, pole design is an important aspect of the overall design. It defines the shelter’s strength and influences every feature. There are three classic designs: two poles that cross once in the center, three poles where two cross in the center and the third is an off-set up-side-down “u,” and finally four poles that cross a total of seven times. There are, of course, many other variations on these three designs, some of which are more successful than others.

Several factors that make the pole design stronger are the number of pole intersections, the number of clips and material that attach the poles to the tent, and pole material and diameter.

Set-up Design:

Internal Pole set-up:

Poles that set up inside the tent do a good job at supporting the walls and are lighter than those that support the tent from outside, but are harder to set up and can accidentally puncture the tent wall or floor if you’re not careful while erecting the tent. These are on the Black Diamond single wall tents and the Mountain Hardwear Direkt 2.

Exterior Pole set-up:

Exterior pole set up refers to poles that are attached to the outside of the body or the fly of the tent using pole clips or pole sleeves to hold the tent in place. In most cases, the poles are between the body and the fly, but Hilleberg’s poles attached on top of the fly.

Pole Sleeves are slightly stronger as they more evenly distribute force across the entire pole, but in windy conditions, they can be more challenging to set-up and potentially dangerous for the poles during setup.

During set-up when only one pole is inserted, the poles are far less supported and are more susceptible to being broken by the wind, as a tent with one pole acts pretty similar to a kite. Pole clips are quicker, easier, and safer to pitch than sleeves as you can start clipping all sides of the tent up the pole at a similar level to better protect it from becoming a kite or the poles getting bent. 4 room tent with screened porch.

Outer Tent:

The outer tent is a waterproof fabric most often made from polyurethane or silicone-treated ripstop nylon or polyester. Outer tents shed rain, snow, ice, and wind. Single wall tents have one layer of fabric, which is more often than not a three-layer waterproof-breathable material.

In double-wall tents, the outer tent adds stability and strength by attaching to the inner tent and being guyed out to the ground. All double wall tents have a vestibule or porch as they say in the UK. Vestibules provide a dry space for entry/exit, gear storage, and cooking. Most vestibules are made of the same material as the outer tent.


As we breathe, we release warm, humid air. When this air rises and hits the much colder tent wall, it condenses sticks to it. It can even freeze if the temperature is cold enough. After sufficient buildup of frozen condensation, water vapor from your breath will hit the wall, freeze and rain back down upon you like snow.

This scenario, often too common when camping in cold climes, can be uncomfortable, make your sleeping bag wet and the tent heavier with accumulated moisture. 4 room tent with screened porch.


Features turn a good tent into a great tent, but in the grand scheme are much less of a big deal when compared to pole design. Some manufacturers go overboard with too many pockets, and unnecessary things like glow-in-the-dark zipper pull (we’re looking at you, The North Face Mountain 25). We do require some well-placed, supportive pockets and a good entrance though.


Weight is an important factor for shorter duration trips to help you get up-and-over a peak or a long approach without becoming too tired. However, being too obsessed with weight can have detrimental and uncomfortable consequences on extended adventures.

There’s no reason for a lightweight tent if you primarily camp out of your car or on a three-week expedition. However, a light tent is the easiest way to reduce a lot of pack weight with one item.

Going light in the mountains is well-known to be easier on your body and therefore faster.

This is fine for most trips, but it’s important to remember that reducing a tent’s weight usually reduces its strength and durability, which is more-or-less important depending on if you are embarking on a summer-time overnight alpine climb or three-plus weeks in the Alaska Range.

1.Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

The Coleman Evanston tent has a footprint measuring ten by fourteen feet. That includes a generously covered vestibule area, but the interior of the tent itself is still about ten by ten, or 100 square feet, in other words. This tent is a perfect choice for family camp-outs, provided you are making camp in an area with mild temperatures.

The Evanston features huge screen panels and a mesh roof that allow for ventilation and that will keep you and the gang cool when it’s warm out, but the tent offers minimal insulation for use in colder climates or seasons.

Rain is really no problem with the Coleman Evanston tent. With its rainfly in place and properly lashed down, the tent should stay dry inside even in a downpour.

The vestibule is ideal for storing wet or muddy gear and is large enough to serve as a camp kitchen or a spot to hang out and play cards or read.

For the glamming set, the Evanston can accommodate two queen-sized air mattresses, but this tent is ideal when shared by a big family of outdoorsmen, outdoorswomen, and outdoors kids who are content to climb into a sleeping bag after a long day spent enjoying the outdoors. 4 room tent with screened porch.

The tent comes with a waterproof polyester fly cover that will keep you dry and that adds excellent insulation, while the factory sealed the floor and fly seams enhance the water-resistance and block out any chilly breezes that might otherwise creep in. With two people sharing this tent, it’s roomy and comfortable even if you have to keep all your gear inside due to inclement weather. The spacious vestibules help with gear storage and offer some space for food prep, repairs, or for slipping on or off those muddy boots. Just don’t plan to use this tent for hot weather camping unless you really like saunas.

  • • Spacious tent with high ceiling
  • • Very affordable
  • • Large tent
  • • Rain protection
  • • Heavy

2.Core 9 Person Instant Tent

This tent is perfect for 9 people, as mentioned in the name above. If you have nine family members, this would be perfect for you and your nine family members. It is really important for you to make sure that the tent you choose fits everybody or else, you and your family members might end up feeling extremely uncomfortable.

This tent has a small disadvantage. It has only one door, which could be a huge problem for some people but if you are fine with it, then you may proceed with choosing this tent. However, some folks aren’t fine with it as a result of one door is going to be arduous for everyone to depart at constant time.

Just to depart the tent, it will take up time, which is something that is not liked by most people. Therefore, you’ve got to form certain that your tent has quite one door. The tent is made of polyester, which is really durable.

Moreover, this tent is also waterproof, which is a really important feature because when you go camping, you can never predict the weather. It may well be bright and sunny however at the constant time; it could suddenly turn dark and rainy.

Therefore, you should be more prepared to face such situations and to do so; you have to make sure your tent is waterproof so that you have a safe place to take shelter when it is raining. This will make sure you and your loved ones do not get wet in the rain and all your personal belongings will not get damaged in the rain.

It has an adjustable air intake vent on the floor, which is really good because it can be opened even though it is raining. This tent also has mesh ceilings which will make sure that the hot air in the tent leaves the tent and let’s not forget that this tent also has windows, which can enable heaps of air to flow into your tent.

This will make sure that within your tent it doesn’t feel hot and you’ll be able to have a cushy time inside your tent. Another great feature of this tent is that it has an electrical port to make sure that all your devices are powered. Let’s say you are not going to be using the port, you can always just keep it back and take it out whenever you feel like using it!

You don’t even have to remove it! This tent contains a ton of excellent options nonetheless it additionally contains a few disadvantages. However, the worth is slightly high however the options will be glorious. It is very rare to spot a tent with an electrical port so take some time to think about the advantages and disadvantages before you make your choice. 4 room tent with screened porch.

  • • Large size
  • • Very quick to set up
  • • Two large doors
  • • Good ventilation
  • • Poles are not durable

3.Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent With Screen Room

Most people prefer having more than one door because not only you will have more air flowing in but you and your loved ones will also be able to leave the tent at an equivalent time in an exceedingly quicker motion.

This tent also has a power supply port, which can be used to charge your electrical devices, which is a bonus point for you! Most tents don’t even keep company with an influence provide port. You don’t even have to remove it.

Another great thing about this tent is that it is very easy to install. It only takes a few minutes, which is really convenient for you. If your tent takes an extended time for you to put in, you will not be able to do other important things such as look for a water source or look for firewood.

Therefore, it is really important to make sure that your tent is easy to install so that you can do other important activities too and also spend time with your pet ones as a result of that’s the most purpose of tenting with pet ones.

This tent is also waterproof, which is a really important factor. The main reason for getting a tent is to use it as a place for you to rest and sleep it. You need shelter after you go tenting as a result of you ne’er grasp what weather you may be facing.

It is not forever bright and glossy thus in close it rains, you have to make sure you have a waterproof tent so that you can stay inside it when it is raining. This will ensure that you do not get wet in the rain. 4 room tent with screened porch.

This tent also has interior storage, which is another plus point. This is great because you can now store your personal belongings such as your wallet, headphones, and car keys. This will make sure that your belongings are safe. You can also place a flashlight there to incase you need to go out in the middle of the night. This is a very smart tent which is able to be appropriate for six folks. The price is also affordable.

  • • Easy to set up
  • • A generous amount of interior space
  • • Good ventilation system
  • • Can be separated
  • • Weather-resistant
  • • Quite heavy

4.Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel Klondike Tent is an affordable option for your family camping and one of the best budget family tents. It accommodates 8 people. Its peak height is 78 inches and the floor measures 98 square feet. It is made of 68D polyester taffeta material which is a lightweight and durable polyester luxurious fabric.

This camping tent model features Weather Armor fabrics which will protect you from rain and wind. It has 2 doors and 6 windows and comes with a rain fly. This Wenzel tent has also a screened porch where you can enjoy your meals and rest through the day.

This tent weighs concerning twenty six.6 lbs, which is around 12 kg, which is quite heavy. This tent would not be suitable if you and your loved ones are planning to hike to your campsite because the tent is too heavy and you might face difficulties in carrying it.

Therefore, if you are planning to drive to your campsite, then this tent would be perfect for you because you do not have to carry it. This tent additionally includes a few zipped mesh windows, which can be excellent for ventilation. Ventilation is basically the flow of air into a certain space. Ventilation is really important because if your tent has bad ventilation, you will not be able to have a comfortable sleep.

Moreover, in a tent with very bad airflow, you might find it really hot and stuffy and this could cause certain people to faint. Therefore, it is really important to have good airflow so that you can stay comfortably in your tent.

You should know that the poles for this tent are made of fiberglass, which is less durable material compared to aluminum. This is something you should remember because when you handle fiberglass poles, you have to handle them really carefully as they can break easily. Another small disadvantage of this tent is that it is not really suitable for rainy situations. Let’s begin with the rain fly, which does not provide full coverage. 4 room tent with screened porch.

This is not suitable for rainy situations as a little water can enter the tent, which can cause you and your loved ones to get wet. However, there are still some ways for you to fix this situation so don’t worry! This tent includes a One Year pledge, which means if your tent has any workmanship damages or material damages, then you get to claim your warranty, which will be really convenient for you. This tent includes a few disadvantages however it still has some sensible features! The price is slightly high therefore you’ve got to form absolute to bear all the necessary factors before selecting a tenting tent for six individuals.

  • • Weather armor feature
  • • Superior craftsmanship
  • • Build to stand
  • • Hi-low ventilation for air circulation
  • • Storage pockets
  • • Takes a while to set up

5.Coleman WeatherMaster Screened Tent

One of the biggest advantages of this tent is that it has two doors, which is amazing because most people these days prefer a tent with more than one door. This is because more people can leave the tent at the same time which means it will take lesser time for everyone to leave the tent.

Well, this tent is slightly totally different compared to alternative tents as a result of it’s a divider which is able to separate the tent into 2 separate sleeping areas, which is amazing because you could give those who need privacy some privacy by putting the divider. This is a feature that is rarely found in most tents. This tent also has an electrical port, which is not a necessity but there are some people who prefer having it.

However, most people go on camping trips to take a break from electrical devices and their hectic life so if you are not going to be using this port, don’t worry! All you have to do is just hide it. You do not have to remove it and when you need to use it, you can easily take it out again. This tent also has a few mesh windows, which is really important for good ventilation. 4 room tent with screened porch.

It is extremely important to have good ventilation because if you do not have it, you might have a hard time falling asleep. This is because spaces with low airflow tend to become hot and stuffy and this could cause certain people to faint.

Therefore, to avoid this from happening, you must make sure that the ventilation in your tent is good to ensure that you have a good sleep every night during your camping trip. Moreover, this tent has a gear loft.

A gear loft is basically a zipped pocket that allows you to keep your important belongings such as your wallets, headphones and car keys! You can also keep an emergency flashlight, in case you need to go out in the dark. This tent is also weather-resistant, which is extremely important. When you go on a camping trip, you can never predict the weather.

First, it’s going to appear bright and sunny however what happens if it suddenly rains very heavily? You will need a place that can be your shelter, to protect you from your rain. When you camp, your tent is your main shelter; therefore, it’s to be weather resistant. Therefore, you can stay in your tent when it rains heavily and you won’t even get wet.

  • • Durable
  • • Polyester construction
  • • Lightweight tent
  • • Porch screen.
  • • Not stable

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